Baseball – 1845

Baseball in 1845

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September 23The Knickerbocker baseball club of New York is organized at the suggestion of Alexander J. Cartwright‚ who formulates rules to distinguish his brand of baseball from other forms played throughout the country.


October 6The first recorded baseball game using Cartwright’s rules is played between members of the Knickerbocker Club. Only 14 players participate as Duncan Curry’s team defeats Alex Cartwright’s team 11-8 in a shortened game of only 3 innings. The Knickerbocker Club will play at least 14 recorded games during the fall of 1845.
October 21The New York Herald has an announcement of an upcoming baseball match this afternoon between the New York Club and the Brooklyn Club at the Elysian Fields‚ Hoboken‚ NJ. This game is played under different rules than Cartwright’s.
October 22The New York Morning News reports that in yesterday’s “friendly match of the time honored game of Baseball” the New York Club beat Brooklyn 24-4. A box score of the game is included in the account.
October 23In a rematch at Elysian Fields‚ the New York club again beats Brooklyn‚ this time 39-17. The New York Herald publishes a box score of the game showing 12 outs for each side during the game‚ 8 players on each‚ and 3 umpires. Neither of these clubs leave any records behind but it is likely that this game is not considered a “New York game.”