Bill Stafford

Swaybacked Bill Stafford had an erect strut that exuded confidence. In 1961 the poised, determined 22-year-old went 14-9 for the Yankees, with a 2.68 ERA that was second best in the league. His wife later revealed that Stafford had been recruited by the Dodgers, but signed with New York because the Yankees offered a pair of spikes.

Stafford was 14-9 again in 1962, and was shutting out the Giants in the eighth inning of World Series Game Three when he was nailed in the shin by a Felipe Alou line drive. He courageously continued, allowed two runs in the ninth, but limped off with a 3-2, four-hit victory. In his first start of 1963, on a particularly cold night, he injured his arm, and struggled through the remainder of his career.