Bob Moose

Moose figured in two of the most memorable moments in Pirates history. He pitched a 1969 no-hitter against the Mets, and in Game Five of the 1972 LCS Moose’s wild pitch allowed George Foster to score the run that sent the Reds to the World Series in Roberto Clemente‘s last game.

The hard thrower was an established starter when injury interceded. In 1974 Moose underwent surgery for a blood clot in his right shoulder. Removal of a rib was necessary to free up a vein causing the problem. He missed more action in 1975 with a badly bruised thumb, but made a successful move to relief the next season. He led the 1976 Pirates in saves (10) and appeared ready to inherit Dave Giusti‘s role as stopper, but he died in a vehicular accident in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio, on October 9, 1976.