Curt Motton

Motton was a backup outfielder and pinch hitter whom Orioles manager Earl Weaver kept around for his power. In 1968, the only season he had more than 90 at-bats, Motton hit .198 but had a career-high eight HR in 216 at-bats, including a since-broken ML record-tying two consecutive pinch homers on May 15 and 17. He hit .303 in limited duty in 1969, including 8-for-25 pinch hitting, and won Game Two of the LCS with an 11th-inning pinch single off Ron Perranoski that drove in the only run of the game. He delivered again in Game One of the 1971 LCS with a fifth-inning pinch double off Vida Blue that tied the game. The winning pitcher in both cases was Dave McNally.