Dal Maxvill

Maxvill, whom sportswriter Bob Broeg called “the thin man” and “silhouette shadow,” had great range and a rubber arm. He was the Cardinals’ starting shortstop from 1966 until his trade to Oakland in August 1972. He retired with a .973 fielding average at short, then the NL’s best career mark. Never a threat at the plate, in 1970 he set major league records for fewest hits (80), doubles (5), and total bases (89) for 150 or more games, and in 1968 he established the World Series mark for futility, going 0-for-22. However, on April 14, 1969, against the Expos, his grand slam was the first ever hit in ML play in Canada. Maxvill was a coach for the A’s, Mets, Braves, and Cardinals before being named Cardinal GM in 1985.