Dick Bartell

“Rowdy Richard” battled rivals and umpires with his fists and mouth for 18 major league seasons. Although the 160-lb scrapper was best known for his aggressiveness, he was a good shortstop with an occasional sting in his bat, six times batting over .300. Nevertheless, his volatile personality wore out its welcome after a few seasons. He broke in with the Pirates (who kept him instead of young Joe Cronin), becoming the regular shortstop in 1928. In 1931, he was traded to the Phillies, and after four seasons there was traded again to the Giants. He helped New York win pennants in 1936 and ’37. After a year with the Cubs, he was traded to Detroit just in time for their 1940 pennant. Rowdy Richard, his autobiography (with Norman Macht), was published in 1987.