Doc Crandall

Crandall was the first pitcher to be used consistently as a reliever. Damon Runyon nicknamed him “Doc,” calling him “the physician of the pitching emergency.” Crandall started often, but led the league in relief appearances five seasons in a row with the Giants. He led in relief victories from 1910 through 1912, during which time he went 45-16 overall, helping the Giants win three pennants in 1911-13. A nimble fielder despite his bulky frame, he filled in at infield positions. The .285 lifetime hitter also pinch hit often. When he was sent to the Cardinals in 1913, the displeasure in New York was so great that the Giants repurchased him after two games. But he wound up in St. Louis the following year, in the Federal League, spending more games at second base than on the mound. He led the Federal League in 1915 with 6 relief wins among his 21 victories.