Dolly Stark

Stark, a native New Yorker, was popular in the city. During the 1935 season he was given a “day” at the Polo Grounds and presented with an automobile before the scheduled game between the Giants and Cubs, an event virtually unheard of for umpires. During the game, Stark called a strike on Giants star Mel Ott to even the count at 2-2. Ott turned to Dolly, which ignited the boobirds in the stands. When Ott was called out looking on the next pitch, he said something to Stark on his way to the bench, and the home crowd showered the umpire with abuse on his “day.” Stark later explained: “Mel knew they were both strikes. The first time he said, `Dolly, I’d give ten bucks to have that one back.’ The second time he said, `How can I take two beautiful pitches like that in a row?'”