Earl Whitehill

The handsome, temperamental Whitehill, called The Earl for his flashy wardrobe and temperamental air, was a bear-down lefthander who told off teammates, umpires, and Ty Cobb if he thought they impeded his progress toward victory. Teammates were scorched for less than 100% effort, umpires for bad calls, and Manager Cobb for coming in from centerfield to demand curve balls when Earl wanted to throw the fast one.

A willing worker, he achieved 11 winning seasons despite allowing 3,917 hits lifetime, 1,431 walks (12th all-time), and a league-leading 22 home runs in 1931. His lifetime ERA of 4.36 is higher than any other 200-game winner.

Traded to Washington for pitchers Firpo Marberry and Carl Fischer, he won a career-high 22 games in 1933. He went to the Indians in a three-way trade in 1936. After several seasons as a coach for the Indians, Phillies, and Buffalo (International League), he became a sales representative for the A.G. Spalding sporting-goods firm.