Frank Linzy

Sinkerball specialist Linzy totaled 111 saves in 11 ML seasons. In 1965, he was named TSN NL Rookie Pitcher of the Year when he won 9 and saved 21 (his top total) for the Giants. The stocky righthander led the NL in relief wins with 14 in 1969, adding 11 saves. Traded (for relief pitcher Jerry Johnson) in 1970, he appeared in 67 games but his ERA ballooned to 4.66. The next year, after a good start, he was injured in a collision with first baseman Bob Burda and underwent facial surgery, returning before the end of the season. The Brewers acquired him for a minor leaguer in 1972, and after two moderately successful seasons in Milwaukee, he was dealt to the Phillies for his final year.