Great American Ball Park

Nestled on the banks of the Ohio River, Great American Ball Park serves as the proud home of the Cincinnati Reds, one of Major League Baseball’s oldest and most storied franchises.

Stadium Facts about Great American Ball Park

  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Opened On: March 31, 2003
  • Home Team: Cincinnati Reds (National League)
  • Stadium Nicknames: GABP, The GAP
  • Dimensions: Left Field – 328 feet, Center Field – 404 feet, Right Field – 325 feet
  • Capacity: 42,319
  • Attendance Record: 44,599 (2015, All-Star Game)
  • Surface: Grass
  • Architect: Populous (formerly HOK Sport)
  • Owner: Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Construction Cost: $290 million

The History

Great American Ball Park, opened in 2003, marked a new chapter for the Cincinnati Reds, replacing the historic but aging Riverfront Stadium. It was designed to usher in a modern era of baseball in Cincinnati while honoring the rich tradition of Reds baseball.

Design and Features

The ballpark boasts a contemporary design with state-of-the-art facilities. A signature element is the “Crosley Terrace,” a tribute to the Reds’ former home, Crosley Field. Statues of Reds legends greet fans entering the ballpark, and the Power Stacks in right field pay homage to the steamboats that once traveled the Ohio River.


While relatively new, Great American Ball Park has seen minor renovations to enhance fan experiences, like expanded seating areas and upgraded concession stands. The focus has been on maintaining a fresh and fan-friendly environment.


The park features an array of modern amenities. It includes the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, diverse dining options, ranging from classic ballpark fare to local Cincinnati specialties, and interactive areas for families and children. State-of-the-art training and medical facilities are provided for the players.

Memorable Moments at Great American Ball Park

  • 2003 Opening Day: The Reds’ first game in their new home.
  • Ken Griffey Jr.’s 500th Home Run: Hit on Father’s Day, June 20, 2004.
  • 2015 MLB All-Star Game: Showcasing the best of baseball.
  • Pete Rose’s Induction: Into the Reds Hall of Fame in 2016.
  • Numerous Playoff Games: Hosting critical postseason matchups.

Interesting Baseball History at Great American Ball Park

  • Records and Milestones: Home to numerous Reds’ records and individual player achievements.
  • Technological Firsts: Incorporating advanced technology for game analysis and fan engagement.
  • Community Engagement: The park has played a significant role in Cincinnati’s community initiatives.
  • Development of Talents: Witnessing the growth of future stars and Reds’ greats.

Non-Baseball Events

Great American Ball Park extends beyond baseball, hosting concerts, festivals, and community events, making it a versatile venue in Cincinnati’s social and cultural scene. From world-class musicians to charity events, the park has positioned itself as a central hub for entertainment in the city.