Hans Lobert

A four-time .300 hitter, Lobert was a top NL third baseman in the days before WWI. Bearing a slight physical and facial resemblance to Honus Wagner, the speedy, bowlegged Lobert stole 30 or more bases seven times in 1907-14. His six steals of home as a Phillie tie him for second on their all-time list. He stole second, third, and home on September 27, 1908 and he once raced a horse around the bases following an exhibition game. On October 12, 1910 at Field Day in Cincinnati, he was clocked rounding the bases in 13.8 seconds. Following his playing days, Lobert coached at West Point (1918-25), spent nearly two decades as a minor league manager and ML coach, and managed the Phillies for two games in 1938 and all of 1942. He was influential in transforming Bucky Walters from a marginal ML infielder into a star pitcher. His brother Frank played 11 games in the Federal League.