How many one-hitters have there been in New York Mets history?

No Met pitcher has ever thrown a no-hitter, though several ex-Mets have done so. However, 11 Mets have hurled complete-game one-hitters a total of 18 times. Tom SeaverTom Seaver had five, and Gary GentryJon Matlack, and Doc Gooden each had two. In two of his performances, Seaver had a no-hitter going into the ninth. Gentry made his only two mistake pitches to the wrong guys, as the two hits he allowed were to future Hall of Famers Ernie Banks and Roberto Clemente. Bobby Jones has the Mets’ only postseason one-hitter, a dominating performance against the Giants in the 2000 NLDS. The team has also had three combined one-hitters.