Jim Hearn

After a promising 12-7 rookie year with the Cardinals in 1947, Hearn went into a tailspin, engendered in part by a chronic lack of confidence. The Giants were able to purchase him cheaply in July of 1950. He was 0-1 with a 10.00 ERA when he arrived in New York, but for the remainder of the season he went 11-3 and brought his ERA down to a league-leading 2.49. His five shutouts tied for the league lead. The next season, he was 17-9 as the third starter on the staff behind aces Sal Maglie and Larry Jansen, as the Giants swept to the “miracle” pennant of 1951. Hearn was a sinkerball pitcher. Although he had fairly good control, his walks often outnumbered his strikeouts, but he was excellent at throwing double play pitches.