Labatt Park (Parc Labatt)

Labatt Park, also known as Parc Labatt, is a beacon of baseball history in Canada. Situated in London, Ontario, it is renowned for its rich heritage and status as one of the oldest continually operating baseball grounds in the world.

Stadium Facts about Labatt Park

  • Location: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Opened On: Reportedly in the late 19th century, with exact date debated
  • Home Team: Various, including London Majors (Intercounty Baseball League)
  • Stadium Nicknames: “Labatt Park”
  • Dimensions: Varied over time due to multiple renovations
  • Capacity: Approximately 5,200
  • Attendance Record: Not specifically recorded, but has seen substantial crowds for key games
  • Surface: Grass
  • Architect: Unknown
  • Owner: City of London

The History

Labatt Park’s origins trace back to the late 19th century, making it a historic treasure in the baseball world. While its exact opening date is a subject of historical inquiry, its legacy as a longstanding home of baseball in Canada is undisputed. The park has hosted a myriad of teams and leagues over its storied past, including a significant period of semi-professional and amateur baseball.

Design and Features

Labatt Park, though modernized over the years, maintains a classic baseball park charm. Its design features include a relatively intimate setting with close-to-the-field seating, offering fans a personal and engaging experience. The park’s layout reflects its historical evolution, balancing old-world charm with necessary modern amenities.


Labatt Park has undergone various renovations to preserve its heritage while adapting to modern needs. These renovations have included updating the seating areas, improving the field and lighting, and enhancing the overall fan experience facilities. Each renovation has been approached with a view to maintaining the park’s historical integrity.


Labatt Park offers a range of facilities that align with its size and scope. Concession stands offer traditional baseball fare, and seating arrangements, though modest compared to larger stadiums, provide excellent views of the game. The park is known for its community feel and family-friendly atmosphere.

Memorable Moments at Labatt Park

  • Historic Games and Tournaments: Hosting numerous significant games in Canadian baseball history.
  • London Majors Achievements: Witnessing the triumphs of the London Majors, a key team in the park’s history.
  • Celebrated Visits: Hosting various notable figures and teams in baseball over the years.
  • Preservation Efforts: Celebrations and events marking the park’s heritage and preservation.

Interesting Baseball History at Labatt Park

  • Deep Roots in Canadian Baseball: Labatt Park has played a crucial role in nurturing and developing baseball in Canada.
  • Architectural Evolution: Reflecting the changes in stadium design and fan expectations over its long history.
  • Community Impact: The park has been a central part of the London community, fostering a love for the sport.
  • Historical Significance: Recognized for its historical importance in baseball, both in Canada and internationally.

Non-Baseball Events

While primarily known for baseball, Labatt Park has also hosted various other events, underscoring its role as a community hub. These have included other sports events, cultural festivals, and community gatherings, showcasing its versatility beyond just baseball. The variety of events held at Labatt Park highlights its importance in the broader community and cultural landscape of London, Ontario.