Lee Tannehill

In 1905, Tannehill’s bat slipped out of his hands and broke teammate Gus Dundon’s jaw. That was one of the few things Lee hit all year. A season earlier, his 0-for-3 helped his older brother Jesse pitch a no-hitter. Appropriately, the tall and angular third baseman was a regular for a team called “The Hitless Wonders.” In fact, four different managers kept him in the lineup for nearly a decade because he was the Brooks Robinson of his day in the field. He’s the only shortstop to execute two unassisted double plays in one game. Ironically, this weak batsman hit the first home run in Comiskey Park, a windblown fly that bounced through a picket gate for a ground-rule grand slam. The year after he hit a career-high .254, he was released.