Monte Weaver

Prof Weaver earned a master’s degree in mathematics and taught at Virginia’s Emory and Henry College. He had a phenomenal rookie season for the 1932 Senators, going 22-10. Then, impressed by vegetarian theories, he went on a health food diet, became underweight, and lost the zip off his fastball. He struggled to a 10-5 record in 1933, helping the Senators to their last pennant. In the World Series, he battled the Giants’ Carl Hubbell into the 11th inning of Game Four, only to lose 2-1. Weaver dropped to the minors in 1935 before taking the advice of the Senators’ trainer, Mike Martin, and dropping the vegetarian diet. Back on beefsteak, he returned to the Senators and had marginal success before retiring in 1939 to devote himself full-time to academia.