Pete Runnels

Runnels, with his line-drive swing, was the American League batting champion with Boston in 1960 (.320) and ’62 (.326). A true sportsman and gentleman, he once said, “I enjoyed [Ted Williams’s] 1958 catching me [for the batting crown] on the final day more than the later titles of 1960 and 1962 because of the great competition. Wasn’t he capable!” Quite capable himself, and versatile, Runnels was first a Washington shortstop, but ultimately played 644 games at first base, 642 at second base, and 463 at shortstop. A graceful fielder, he led the AL in fielding at second base in 1960 and at first base in 1961. He was consistent at the plate in the years 1958-62, hitting over .300 each year, varying only 12 points. In 1966 Runnels managed the Red Sox for 16 games.