Ray Fisher

Fisher was a competent, consistent pitcher for the Yankees before the Babe Ruth era. The poised, studious righthander is best remembered as a college coach at Michigan University, and for the circumstances under which he left organized baseball. Fisher coached baseball (and, at first, freshman football, and young Gerald R. Ford) for 38 years, winning nine Big Ten championships.

He became the victim of the petulance and pettiness of Cincinnati owner Garry Herrman, and Commissioner Landis, often a capricious tyrant. Fisher, whose salary disputes had made him a target of the owners, asked to be released by the Reds so he could accept an offer from Michigan. Instead, he was blacklisted, dumped into the same group of suspended players as the Black Sox. Fisher was not accepted back into pro ball until late in life, becoming a spring training pitching instructor for the Braves in 1960, and the Tigers for 1963-65.