Richie Hebner

An off-season gravedigger at a cemetery run by his father, Hebner signed for $40,000 and made the Pirates two seasons later despite losing playing time to military reserve duty. He led NL rookies with a .301 average in 1969, and hit a career-high 25 HR for Pittsburgh in 1973. After seven years and five division championships as the Pirate third baseman, Hebner played out his option, and spent two seasons at first base helping the Phillies win NL East titles in 1977 and 1978. Ousted by the 1979 arrival of free agent Pete Rose, he led the Mets with 79 RBI that season, was swapped to the Tigers, and had a career-high 82 RBI in only 104 games in 1980. After a second tour with the Pirates, he became the top pinch hitter for the division-winning 1984 Cubs. He set the ML record for most times on the losing club in the LCS (7) and the NL record for most LCS played in (8).