Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre, previously known as SkyDome, is a hallmark of innovation and multipurpose functionality in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. As the home of the Toronto Blue Jays, it represents a significant chapter in the evolution of stadium designs in Major League Baseball (MLB) and remains a central figure in Canada’s sports landscape.

Stadium Facts about Rogers Centre

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Opened On: June 3, 1989
  • Home Team: Toronto Blue Jays (American League)
  • Stadium Nicknames: Formerly known as SkyDome
  • Dimensions: Left Field – 328 feet, Center Field – 400 feet, Right Field – 328 feet
  • Capacity: 49,282
  • Attendance Record: 54,088 (April 12, 2013, against the New York Yankees)
  • Surface: AstroTurf 3D Xtreme
  • Architect: Rod Robbie and Michael Allen
  • Owner: Rogers Communications
  • Construction Cost: CAD $570 million
  • Renovation Costs: Various, including significant renovations in 2005 and 2015

The History

Opened in 1989, Rogers Centre was the first stadium to have a fully retractable motorized roof, setting a new standard for stadium design globally. Originally named SkyDome, it was rebranded in 2005 when Rogers Communications acquired the naming rights. The stadium has played an essential role in the sports culture of Toronto and Canada.

Design and Features

Rogers Centre’s most notable feature is its retractable roof, which can open and close in 20 minutes, providing an outdoor atmosphere in favorable weather while offering shelter in inclement conditions. The stadium was ahead of its time with its hotel overlooking the field, a unique design element that has added to its iconic status.


Rogers Centre has undergone several renovations to keep up with modern standards. These include updates to the seating, installation of a new HD video board, and improvements to the sound system. In 2015, the original artificial turf was replaced with a newer, more advanced version, enhancing the playing conditions.


The stadium offers a range of amenities, including diverse food and beverage options, extensive merchandise stores, and comfortable seating with excellent sightlines. It also features modern hospitality suites and club seating, catering to a variety of fan experiences.

Memorable Moments at Rogers Centre

  • 1992 and 1993 World Series: Hosting the Blue Jays’ back-to-back World Series championships.
  • Joe Carter’s Walk-Off Home Run: Clinching the 1993 World Series with a dramatic home run.
  • First Regular-Season Game: Marking the beginning of a new era in Toronto baseball.
  • 2015 and 2016 Postseason: Hosting electrifying playoff games during the Blue Jays’ resurgence.
  • All-Star Game in 1991: Showcasing Rogers Centre to an international audience.

Interesting Baseball History at Rogers Centre

  • Architectural Innovation: Setting a precedent for future stadium designs with its retractable roof.
  • MLB in Canada: Playing a pivotal role in maintaining and growing the sport’s popularity in Canada.
  • Technological Advancements: Incorporating various technological upgrades to enhance the fan experience.
  • Hosting International Events: A venue for global baseball events, including the World Baseball Classic.

Non-Baseball Events

Apart from baseball, Rogers Centre is a versatile venue that hosts a variety of events, demonstrating its multipurpose design. These include NFL games, major concerts, large-scale conventions, and even monster truck events. Its ability to accommodate different event formats makes it a key player in Toronto’s entertainment and cultural scene.