Tony Cloninger

Raised on a North Carolina farm, the barrel-chested Cloninger usually got tougher as the game went on. He won 57 games in the 1964-66 seasons, peaking in 1965 with a 24-11 mark for Milwaukee. The $100,000 bonus baby was not only an effective, fireballing pitcher, but a dangerous batter as well. On July 3, 1966 against San Francisco, he hit two grand slams in one game, the only man – no less the only pitcher – in NL history to do so. His nine RBI that day are a one-game ML record for a pitcher. After a shoulder muscle pull and eye problems caused by a virus dropped his 1967 record to 4-7, he was traded to Cincinnati. Though he had mixed success there, he contributed nine wins to the Reds’ 1970 NL pennant.