Vic Raschi

Raschi was already 28 when he broke into the Yankees’ starting rotation for good in 1948. He then ran off consecutive records of 19-8, 21 10, 21-8, and 21-10. The Springfield, Massachusetts native had tremendous determination and a blazing fastball. His size (6’1″ 205 lbs.) and the menacing scowl on his dark, unshaven face were helpful, too. He never missed an assignment although his knees deteriorated painfully.

With the Yankees, Raschi was a big-game winner. He won the 1948 All-Star Game, driving in the winning run. And he beat Boston on the final day of the 1949 season to break a first-place tie with the Red Sox, then won the WS clincher against Brooklyn, a feat he duplicated against the Giants in 1951. He two-hit the Phillies 1-0 in the 1950 WS, and won twice more against the Dodgers in the 1952 WS. Raschi was a fair hitter (.184 career average). On August 3, 1953 his seven RBI set an AL single-game record for pitchers. In February 1954, he was sold to the Cardinals for $85,000 after contract battles with the Yankees.