What is the longest home run ever hit?

Not surprisingly, Mickey Mantle holds the record for longest ball ever hit. The Mick was widely renowned for his tape-measure blasts, but this one took the cake. The date was September 10, 1960, and the powerhouse Yankees were at Briggs Stadium in Detroit to play the Tigers. Righthander Paul Foytack was pitching to Mantle in the seventh inning. He fell behind 2-0, never a good idea against the best switch-hitter in history. Sure enough, Foytack’s next pitch turned around in a hurry. The ball sailed high into the air, and just kept going. It rocketed high over the right field fence, passed untouched through a network of light fixtures, and flew out of the park at a height of at least 440 feet. The moonshot eventually landed in a lumberyard across adjacent Trumbull Avenue. Incredulous observers estimated it at 634 feet, the longest blast ever recorded. Even with the andro-enhanced bombs being hit today, no one has duplicated the Mick’s incredible feat. Of course, home run distances are not measured scientifically, so the 634 foot number may not be entirely accurate.