Which baseball players have hit four home runs in a single baseball major league game?

Carlos Delgado, Toronto Blue Jays

When: September 26, 2003, vs. Devil Rays
Where: Skydome, Toronto
Line: 4-4, 4 R, 6 RBI, 16 total bases

Delgado hit his homers in his only four at-bats of the game and became the sixth player to hit his four homers in consecutive at-bats… His first homer was a three-run shot in the first inning, and the other homers were solo-shots… Delgado’s first-inning homer was the 300th of his career, the first time that had occurred in a four-homer game… Delgado’s former teammate, Shawn Green, had hit his 200th homer in his four-homer game back in May of 2002… His fourth homer of the game, in the eighth inning off Lance Carter, tied the contest at 8-8… It was the fifth time that Delgado had hit at least three homers in one game… The Jays won the game, 10-8.

Shawn Green, Los Angeles Dodgers

When: May 23, 2002, vs. Brewers
Where: Miller Park, Milwaukee
Line: 6-6, 6 R, 7 RBI, 19 total bases

Green hit his four homers in his last four at-bats of the game… Mike Schmidt, Pat Seerey and Rocky Colavito also failed to homer in their first a-bat in their four-homer games… Green added a double and a single, giving him 19 total bases to break Joe Adock’s ML record for total bases in a game… Green became the fifth man since 1900 to have five extra-base hits in one game… In his next game Green blasted a homer and added two more the next night, for five in two games and seven in three games… Green hit his fourth homer with two outs in the ninth inning, joining Bob Horner as the only players to accomplish that… Green’s ninth-inning homer was part of back-to-back-to-back homers, the first time a team had ever hit three straight homers with two outs in the ninth inning… Green hit the 200th home run of his career in the game, the first such milestone in a four-homer performance… Green became the first man to have six hits in his four-homer game and only Ed Delahanty, Bobby Lowe and Colavito had ever done both in their entire career… The Dodgers won the game, 16-3.

Mike Cameron, Seattle Mariners

When: May 2, 2002, vs. Chicago White Sox
Where: Comiskey Park, Chicago
Line: 4-5, 4 RBI, HBP
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Cameron lined out to deep right field in his final at-bat in the 8th inning… Cameron homered twice in the first inning, each time after teammate Bret Boone had homered, setting a ML record for most homers by teammates in an inning… Each of his homers was a solo shot… In this game, Cameron scaled the center field wall to take away a grand slam homer from the Sox… The M’s won the game, 15-4.

Mark Whiten, St. Louis Cardinals

When: Sept. 7, 1993, vs. Cincinnati Reds
Where: Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati
Line: 4-5, 12 RBI

12 RBI in the game tied Jim Bottomley‘s record… Also tied Nate Colbert’s ML record with 13 RBI in the doubleheader… Whiten had not homered in four weeks prior to the outburst… He hit a grand slam in the first inning… His only out was a pop-out in the fourth inning… Cards won 15-2.

Bob Horner, Atlanta Braves

When: July 6, 1986, vs. Montreal Expos
Where: Fulton-County Stadium, Atlanta
Line: 4-6, 6 RBI
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Braves lost the game, 11-8, the second time a player had lost the game he hit four homers in… Horner is the only man to accomplish the feat in his final ML season, the next year he would play in Japan… Horner hit his last homer with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies

When: April 17, 1976, vs. Chicago Cubs
Where: Wrigley Field, Chicago
Line: 5-6, 8 RBI
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Phillies won the game 18-16, overcoming an 11-run deficit… Cubs Dave Kingman blasted three homers in the loss… Runs were scored all over the league that day as the Mets won 17-1 and the Reds, 11-0… Hit his first two homers off Rick Reuschel, and the fourth off Rick’s brother, Paul.

Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants

When: April 30, 1961, vs. Milwaukee Braves
Where: County Stadium, Milwaukee
Line: 4-5, 8 RBI
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Mays used teammate Joey Amalfitano‘s bat during the game… His sixth inning homer cleared the left field bleachers and left County Stadium… Mays was on deck in the top of 9th when the third out was made, ruining his chance at five homers… Giants won the game, 14-4… Eight homers were hit by the Giants in the game, including two by Orlando CepedaHank Aaron hit two homers and drove in all of the Braves’ runs… Billy Loes earned the victory, and it was the fourth time he had been in uniform for a four-homer game. He was with the Dodgers in 1950 and 1954 for Hodges’ and Adcock’s four-homer games and had been with the Orioles in 1959 when Colavito went deep four times.

Rocky Colavito, Cleveland Indians

When: June 10, 1959, vs. Baltimore Orioles
Where: Memorial Stadium, Baltimore
Line: 4-4, BB, 6 RBI
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Colavito’s four homers came in consecutive at-bats… The Indians won the game, 11-8.

Joe Adcock, Milwaukee Braves

When: July 31, 1954, vs. Brooklyn Dodgers
Where: Ebbets Field, Brooklyn
Line: 5-5, 7 RBI
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Adcock also hit a double for a record 18 total bases in the game… He had seven total bases the previous day, giving him 25 for the two days, tying Ty Cobb‘s ML record… Adcock used a borrowed bat to hit the four homers… Braves won the game, 15-7… Adcock became the second man to collect five extra-base hits in a game, since 1900.

Gil Hodges, Brooklyn Dodgers

When: August 31, 1950, vs. Boston Braves
Where: Ebbets Field, Brooklyn
Line: 5-6, 9 RBI
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The homers came off four different Braves pitchers… Dodgers won the contest, 19-3… Hodges’ first homer came off Warren Spahn in the second inning.

Pat Seerey, Chicago White Sox

When: July 18, 1948, vs. Philadelphia A’s
Where: Shibe Park, Philadelphia
Line: 4-6, 7 RBI
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Seerey’s fourth homer came in the 11th inning and gave the Sox a 12-11 lead and the win… Two of Seerey’s homers were off Philadelphia’s Carl Scheib, with one each off Bob Savage and Lou Brissie… His 16 total bases in the game tied an AL record.

Chuck Klein, Philadelphia Phillies

When: July 10, 1936, vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
Where: Forbes Field, Pittsburgh
Line: 4-5, 6 RBI
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Klein’s fourth home run came in the 10th inning and gave the Phils a 9-6 lead that stood up… The Phillies had re-acquired Klein in a trade from the Cubs just six weeks earlier… Klein did not hit his four homers in Baker Bowl, as is often mistakenly assumed.

Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

When: June 3, 1932, vs. Philadelphia A’s
Where: Shibe Park, Philadelphia
Line: 4-6, 6 RBI
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On the same day, Giants’ manager John McGraw announced his retirement, taking much of the spotlight off of Gehrig’s feat… The Yankees won a slugfest, 20-13… Gehrig narrowly missed a fifth homer, sending a high fly ball to the warning track in the ninth inning… Gehrig’s teammate Tony Lazzeri hit for the cycle in the game.

Ed Delahanty, Philadelphia Phillies

When: July 13, 1896, vs. Chicago Cubs
Where: Wrigley Field, Chicago
Line: 5-5, 7 RBI
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Phillies lost the game, 9-8… Delahanty’s other hit was a single.

Bobby Lowe, Boston Beaneaters

When: May 30, 1894, vs. Cincinnati Redlegs
Where: Congress Street Grounds, Boston
Line: 5-6, 6 RBI
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All of Lowe’s homers went over the left field fence, located 250 feet from home plate… Lowe’s homers came in four consecutive at-bats… All of the homers were hit off Reds’ starter Elton “Iceberg” Chamberlain… Boston won the game, 20-11… Lowe was presented with $160 in silver coins by the appreciative hometown crowd after the game.