Which batter holds the record for fewest strikeouts in a single season?

Among those with at least 150 games played in a major league season, Cleveland Indians shortstop Joe Sewell holds the record for fewest strikeouts with a mere four. Even more impressive is that he accomplished this feat twice, in 1925 and 1929. A .312 career hitter, Sewell struck out only 114 times in his 14-year career, also a record. In comparison, Bobby Bonds never had fewer than 120 Ks in any one full season. Even Joe DiMaggio, well known for his ability to make contact, had only one full season in which he struck out fewer times than Sewell’s career high of 20. Sewell actually had two additional years of only three Ks, but he played in only 109 and 125 games, and so did not qualify.