Who is the only American League player to be intentionally walked four times in one game?

Roger Maris is the only American Leaguer to draw four intentional walks in a game. On May 22, 1962, the opposition pitched around Maris most of the day, in a game eventually decided in 12 innings. Though the recently crowned home run king was in the midst of a good season (he finished with 33 homers), it was nothing compared to his record-setting 1961. However, the four free passes he received in this game were four more than he had gotten all of 1961. With Mickey Mantle batting behind him all year, pitchers had been willing to take their chances with Maris. None were about to put him on base and pitch to the Mick, especially since Mantle had a higher slugging percentage, despite Maris’s 61 home runs. Maris was denied the opportunity to take his hacks on May 22, 1962, however, because Mickey was injured and out of the lineup.