Do baseball players wear cups?

It’s interesting to note that there isn’t a universal rule when it comes to wearing protective cups in baseball. While some players swear by them, others choose to forego them altogether. However, one thing is for sure, catchers are nearly always seen wearing cups. This is primarily because they are at risk of being hit by foul balls or other objects that can cause injury.

Third and first basemen are also more inclined to wear cups due to the high probability of receiving hard shots with little reaction time. In particular, first basemen who stretch to receive throws are particularly vulnerable to a bad bounce that could strike them in an area they wouldn’t want to be hit.

However, middle infielders, who play shortstop or second base, often opt-out of wearing cups because they can be quite uncomfortable. Although some may choose to wear one, many prefer not to due to the restrictive feeling that can impact their ability to perform at their best. Yet, those who have been hit by a ball between the legs and experienced the discomfort that follows may choose to wear a cup for added protection.

Outfielders, on the other hand, are generally less likely to wear cups since they typically face fewer balls hit in their direction that could cause injury. Despite this, some players may still choose to wear one for added peace of mind.