What is a baseball choke?

A baseball choke is a submission hold used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). It is a variation of the gi choke, which involves using the lapel or collar of the opponent’s uniform to apply pressure to their neck and cause them to submit.

To perform a baseball choke, the practitioner starts by securing a dominant position, such as the mount or side control. From there, they grab their opponent’s lapel with one hand and thread their other hand underneath their opponent’s head to grab the opposite lapel.

The practitioner then pulls their opponent’s head towards their own body, using the lapels to create pressure on the neck and cut off their opponent’s air supply. The choke is similar to a guillotine choke, but uses the lapels instead of the arms to apply pressure.

The baseball choke can be a highly effective submission hold, especially against opponents who are not expecting it. However, it requires a good deal of control and precision to execute properly, as well as a strong grip and the ability to maintain dominant position.

It should be noted that the baseball choke is primarily used in BJJ and other grappling martial arts, and is not a technique used in baseball or other sports.