What does risp mean in baseball?

In baseball, RISP stands for Runners In Scoring Position. This is a statistical category that refers to the situation when there are one or more runners on second or third base, and there is a chance for them to score a run on a base hit or other play.

RISP is an important metric in baseball, as teams that are successful at driving in runners in scoring position are often more likely to win games. It is also used to evaluate individual players’ performances in key situations, such as when they come up to bat with runners in scoring position.

For example, a batter’s RISP average is the batting average he has with runners in scoring position. Similarly, a pitcher’s RISP average is the average number of runs he allows per inning when there are runners in scoring position.

Overall, RISP is an important statistic in baseball that helps teams and players evaluate their performance in key scoring situations.