Do baseballs float?

Baseballs are not designed to float in water, but they can still float under certain circumstances. The ability of a baseball to float depends on several factors, including the weight of the ball, the amount of air trapped inside the ball, and the buoyancy of the surrounding water.

A new, dry baseball will typically sink when placed in water, as it is heavier than the water it displaces. However, if the ball is wet, or if there is enough air trapped inside the ball, it may float on the surface of the water. Additionally, if the water is particularly still or if the ball is placed in a position where it can trap air bubbles against the surface of the ball, it may also float.

In general, though, baseballs are not designed to float and are not meant to be used in aquatic environments. If a baseball is repeatedly exposed to water or other liquids, it can become damaged or degraded, affecting its performance and potentially posing a safety risk to players.