How long is a baseball game?

A typical Major League Baseball (MLB) game lasts around 3 hours, although the length can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the pace of play, the number of runs scored, and the number of pitching changes.

The official rules of MLB state that a game is nine innings long, with each inning consisting of two halves: the top half, where the visiting team is on offense, and the bottom half, where the home team is on offense. However, if the game is tied after nine innings, additional innings can be played until one team wins.

In addition to the nine innings, there are several other factors that can affect the length of a baseball game, including:

  • Pitching changes: Each time a pitcher is replaced, there is a brief delay as the new pitcher warms up on the mound.
  • Hitters taking pitches: Batters who take a lot of pitches or work deep counts can prolong the game by making the pitcher throw more pitches.
  • Umpire reviews: In recent years, MLB has introduced a system of umpire reviews for certain types of calls, which can add additional time to the game.
  • Rain delays: In cases where the weather is poor, games may be delayed or postponed, which can add significant time to the overall length of the game.

Overall, while a typical MLB game lasts around 3 hours, the length can vary depending on a variety of factors.