How To Perfect Your Baseball Swing

While attempting to understand the mechanics of a perfect baseball swing, every little league player dreams of the day when he graduates to the major league and establishes his mark as true blue match winning big hitter. There is no bigger dream than that proper baseball swing which hits the winning home run! Coaches and players spend lots of time in understanding how to perfect your baseball swing. The sight of the smooth, compact and crisp sound of a well timed swing meeting the ball right in the middle requires a proper baseball swing. The best baseball swing requires a dedicated approach in understanding the perfect baseball swing mechanics. You too can now know how to perfect your baseball swing with the following tips.

How to Get a Perfect Baseball Swing

  • One of the basic baseball rules is to keep your front leg as stiff and solid as far as possible. The major league big hitters use a solid and stiff front leg to their best advantage. An insight into this posture reveals that it enables them to leverage and channelize their hitting power in a big way. The front leg is stiff and solid that permits the hitter to avoid all forward body movement. The foot acts as a solid anchor thereby preventing any lunging and forward hip movement. The best baseball swing is generated when the hips rotate and the arms are enabled extension. The hit loses its power and carry if the front foot moves or is unsure of its grounding. The batter must have the patience and skill to wait till the baseball gets inside the front foot before attacking it. Here, a fine sense of balance is also necessitated. Read more on how to play baseball.
  • Understand the concept of staying over stack with a perfect rotational swing. Overstack is the terminology used to describe the spinning movement of the batters body. Both the head and the torso must be in a smooth and ideal alignment over the back leg during the swing. The head most importantly stays still. The proper baseball swing is a rotating motion with the body staying back and spinning over the back hip. It is this rotational motion which generates the best baseball swing. Perfecting this technique and curbing the innate desire to go hammer and tongs at the pitched ball is a lesson which ought to be learned well.
  • Another essential aspect is related to body extension through the ball. This enables the batter to enhance the time of contact between the bat and ball by driving the hands and the barrel of the bat forward for as long as possible. The bat moves with tremendous speed and precision in the A to C swing. Maximizing this period of contact between the bat and the ball is one of the techniques to securing the best baseball swing. This ensures that tremendous power is generated in the swing. It helps in carrying the ball to greater distances.
  • Most of us do get advice from friends and coaches on how to perfect your baseball swing. The key is to make sure that you are able to filter such advice and absorb the essential. Make sure that your coach can not only identify your hitting problem but also can offer expert advice on how to achieve perfect baseball swing mechanics. To be a successful big hitter, one must be able to swing at balls pitched in the strike zone. The batter is the best judge of deciding what pitch falls in his strike zone. Home runs can be hit on pitches outside the strike zone too. The simple dictum is to see the ball early and ensure that the bat and ball are in the same plane during the strike. You could also use these instructions to get a perfect softball swing. Read more on slow pitch softball hitting tips.