What does 6 4 3 2 mean in baseball?

“6-4-3-2” is a sequence of numbers used to describe a potential double play in baseball. Each number corresponds to a different fielding position:

  • 6 represents the shortstop
  • 4 represents the second baseman
  • 3 represents the first baseman
  • 2 represents the catcher

So, if a batter hits a ground ball to the shortstop, he may throw the ball to the second baseman (6-4), who then throws it to the first baseman (4-3), who may attempt to throw it to the catcher (3-2) to complete the double play.

The numbers in this sequence represent the order in which the ball is thrown between fielders to complete the double play. Different numbers can be used depending on the situation and the fielding positions of the players involved. For example, a 5-4-3 double play would involve the third baseman, second baseman, and first baseman.