What does tipping pitches mean in baseball?

In baseball, “tipping pitches” refers to a situation where a pitcher unintentionally gives the opposing team information about the type of pitch he is about to throw, which can give the batter an advantage.

There are a number of ways a pitcher might inadvertently tip his pitches. For example, he might change his grip on the ball slightly for different pitches, or he might have a different arm angle or delivery for certain pitches. If the opposing team notices these subtle differences, they may be able to anticipate what pitch is coming and adjust their swing accordingly.

Tipping pitches is a serious concern for pitchers, as it can have a significant impact on their performance and the outcome of the game. Pitchers and coaches work hard to avoid tipping pitches by analyzing video of their performance, making adjustments to their mechanics, and being mindful of any habits or tendencies that might give away their pitches.

If a pitcher is suspected of tipping his pitches, his team may take steps to correct the problem or even change up his pitching strategy entirely to keep the opposing team guessing. In some cases, tipping pitches can be the result of a deliberate strategy to deceive the opposing team, but this is less common than unintentional tipping.