Why do baseball players tape their wrists?

Baseball players often tape their wrists for support and protection during gameplay. Taping the wrists can help stabilize the joint and prevent it from bending too far backward or forward during play. This can reduce the risk of injury and strain, particularly for players who use their wrists extensively during batting or throwing.

Taping the wrists can also provide additional padding and support for the hands and fingers. This can be particularly important for catchers and fielders who are frequently catching hard-hit balls or making diving plays.

In addition, taping the wrists can help improve grip and control of the bat or ball. The tape can help prevent sweat or moisture from affecting the player’s grip, which can improve their accuracy and power during batting or throwing.

Overall, taping the wrists is a common practice among baseball players that can help prevent injury, provide support and protection, and improve grip and control during gameplay.