Baseball – 1921

Baseball in 1921

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January 21Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis officially takes over as baseball’s commissioner. His contract is for 7 years at $50‚000 per year.


February 5The Yankees purchase a 20-acre plot of land in the Bronx for the future site of Yankee Stadium.
February 22The Reds trade P Jimmy Ring and OF Greasy Neale to the Phils for lefty Eppa Rixey‚ who led the NL with 22 losses in 1920. Rixey will pitch his way into the Hall of Fame over the next 13 years. Neale is also a future Hall of Famer-for football. He will play just 22 games in Philley before returning to the Reds.


March 4After 12 years with the Red Sox‚ OF Harry Hooper goes to the White Sox for OF Nemo Leibold and OF Shano Collins.
March 17The Yankees‚ training in Shreveport‚ LA‚ journey to Lake Charles to play a game against the Cardinals‚ based in Orange‚ Texas. The game was proclaimed “Ruth-Hornsby Day‚” but the Rajah hits only a single while the Babe lofts a HR over the short RF fence. The Yanks win 14-5.

Phils 1B Gene Paulette‚ ordered to appear before Commissioner Landis regarding alleged gambling‚ decides to retire from Organized Ball instead. He signs with a Massillon‚ Ohio semipro team.
March 21Gene Paulette is barred from organized baseball for life for taking part in throwing games. He played in more than 500 games‚ last playing for the Phils in 1920.


April 5In an exhibition game against the Hartford Senators‚ Columbia University’s Lou Gehrig is 2-for-2 with two tremendous homers. Hartford wins‚ 4-3‚ and will later sign Lou for what will be a 12-game stint with the team.
April 10Seattle beats host Los Angeles 12-8 but it takes them 22 innings to do it. Seattle’s George Wisterzil sets a PCL record with 12 official plate appearances.
April 13In the season opener for the Yankees‚ warm weather and Babe Ruth contribute to 37‚000 fans crowding the Polo Grounds. After New York mayor John Hylan tosses out the first ball‚ the Yankees tear into the A’s‚ beating them 11-1 as every New Yorker scores at least a run. The Yanks lead is only 2-1 into the bottom of the 7th‚ but then they unload against Scott Perry. Bob Hasty gives up the last 6 New York runs. Ruth is 5-for-5‚ with two doubles‚ and Carl Mays has as many hits-3-as he allows. He’s now won 11 straight over the A’s.

With former president Woodrow Wilson‚ new president Warren G. Harding‚ and VP Calvin Coolidge watching‚ the Senators lose their home opener 6-3 to the Red Sox and Sam Jones. Walter Johnson leaves after 4 innings and nine hits‚ the second time in a row he has failed to finish an Opening Game.

At Chicago‚ the Cubs open the season with a 5-4 win over the Cardinals’ Jesse Haines. Grover Cleveland Alexander goes all the way to pick up the win for Chicago.

At Cincinnati‚ the Reds open with a 5-3 win over the Pirates. Babe Adams loses to Dolf Luque.
April 16The A’s Rube Waddell coasts to a 12-2 win over Washington as the A’s amass 20 hits off Happy Townsend. Happy is on his way to a not-so-happy 5-26 season.
April 17After reviewing the record‚ Judge Landis bars Benny Kauff for life on the basis of undesirable character and reputation. The 30-year-old hitter never plays in the ML again.

The Detroit opener is called off because of several inches of snow on the field.
April 21The A’s collect 13 hits-all singles-and score just once in losing to Carl Mays and the Yankees‚ 6-1. It is the submariner’s 2nd win in 8 days over his cousins and his 12th straight against the A’s.
April 23In the final game of the 4-game series with St. Louis‚ Cleveland SS Joe Sewell is spiked in the heel and forced to leave the game. Brownie manager Fohl allows Jack Graney to be a “courtesy runner” for Sewell‚ who exits for repairs‚ and then returns to his position. The Indians win‚ 7-3.
April 24At the Polo Grounds‚ Phil Douglas pitches a one-hitter to beat the Phils Lee Meadows‚ 1-0. Kelly’s triple scores Frisch with the lone run. The lone Quaker hit is a single by SS Ralph Miller.
April 25In New York‚ Washington’s Walter Johnson survives a first inning solo shot by Babe Ruth to top Carl Mays‚ 5-3‚ for his 307th career win‚ breaking Eddie Plank‘s AL mark.
April 26Cleveland clears its bench in a failed attempt to beat the Tigers. Detroit wins‚ 9-8‚ as Cleveland uses 23 players including 7 pitchers. Jim Bagby is the winner.

Knoxville (Appalachian League) CF George Smiley makes an unassisted triple play against Pellico. With runners on 1B and 2B‚ Smiley snags a line drive‚ steps on 2B‚ and tags the runner coming from 1B.

In a 3-1 loss to the Browns‚ White Sox P Dickie Kerr has 10 assists‚ one short of the AL mark.
April 28It’s a day of pitching slams. The Phils SS Ralph Miller hits a grand slam and then Phils pitcher Lee Meadows‚ in the 8th inning‚ to help beat the Braves‚ 11-6.

Meanwhile‚ in the AL‚ Indians hurler George Uhle does the same to Detroit’s Dutch Leonard in the 4th in a 12-5 win. Uhle is 3-for-5 setting a ML-record (since beaten) for pitchers with 6 RBIs and his slam is his first ML HR. Meadows poked his first on the 16th‚ off Slim Sallee.

Senators steal. Rice‚ Harris and Lewis pull off a triple steal in the 1st against the Yankees but the New York bats are the difference as the Yanks win‚ 9-5.
April 30At Boston‚ the Giants beat the Braves‚ 9-4 as Art Nehf tops Joe OeschgerGeorge Kelly hits a grand slam for New York.


May 2Batting against the Braves‚ Giants’ George Burns hits a grounder to SS Walter Barbare‚ who boots it. Barbare then throws his glove at the ball hitting it‚ and the umpires invoke the thrown glove rule‚ giving Burns a triple. The Giants don’t need the advantage‚ winning 8-1.
May 4The Giants end Brooklyn’s winning streak at 11 games 3-2. Pitcher Dutch Ruether scores one of the Brooklyn runs when he steals home in the 5th inning‚ the 2nd steal of home in his career.

The Dodgers Bill Lamar is sent home to rest. Lamar is suspected of having malaria‚ which he believes he contracted in New Orleans. He has just 3 at bats this season and will resurface with the Athletics in 1924.
May 7Bob Meusel of the Yankees hits for the cycle. He hits a 2-run third inning HR off Walter Johnson and his triple with 2 on beats the Senators 6-5 in the 9th. Ruth strikes out 3 times against Johnson‚ then poles a HR in the 8th that lands in a tree outside of right field. Former President Wilson witnesses the exciting game in Washington.
May 12At St. Louis‚ George Kelly hits his 2nd grand slam in 2 weeks to power the Giants to a 7-5 win over the Cardinals. He’ll end up with three for the year. Slim Sallee is the winner of Bill Sherdel.
May 13A jury deliberates less than a hour and acquits Benny Kauff of the auto theft and related charges against him. Despite the acquittal‚ Landis maintains his disbarment of the FL batting champ. Kauff goes to court for reinstatement‚ but on January 17‚ 1922‚ it will be denied.
May 15Walter Johnson starts for Washington but Detroit batters light him up. Harry Heilmann drives in 2 runs on a single and Johnson departs. Detroit wins the slugfest‚ 13-10‚ though Walter is not the loser.
May 16Rupert and Huston‚ the two owners of the Yankees‚ make their final payment for $500‚ 000 to complete the purchase of the Bronx property for the new Yankee Stadium. The sale was made by the William Waldorf Astor estate‚ owners of the property.

Detroit hands visiting Washington an 17-11 loss as Cobb leads the attack with 4 hits‚ 4 runs and a stolen base.

During the 7-4 Giants win over the Reds at the Polo Grounds‚ Giants’ fan‚ Reuben Berman‚ refuses to return a foul ball‚ and he is detained‚ given his ticket price back‚ and ejected from the park. Berman sues for $20‚000 and wins a $100 claim in court. The Giants will then allow fans to keep foul balls. The Cubs were the first to institute the policy‚ in 1916. The Pirates will follow suit in two months.
May 18The Red Sox score the only 2 runs in the game in the top of the 4th then end their rally with a triple play. Sam Jones beats the Tigers‚ 2-0‚ holding the AL’s top two hitters‚ Cob and Heilmann‚ hitless.

Penn State College wins their 17th straight victory. Combined with 11 straight to end lasty season‚ the6y have own 28 in a row.

The Boston Red Sox‚ behind Sam Jones’ shutout‚ beat the Tigers‚ 2-0. Jones will finish the year 16-5‚ with the best winning percentage in the AL. The Tigers prevent further scoring with a triple play on Ev Scott’s liner to 2B Ralph Young who flips to Donie Bush.
May 19At the annual meeting of the NL owners‚ they vote in favor of restoring the resin bag for pitchers. It had been banned along with the spitball‚ shine ball‚ and other odd pitches.
May 25In St. Louis‚ the Browns overcome Babe Ruth‘s 13th HR of the year to win‚ 7-6. The Babe’s blow travels an estimated 500 feet.
May 27Playing for the Wichita Wolves (Class A Western League) Jim Blakesley connects for 5 doubles against Omaha to set an Organized Ball record. It will be tied several times‚ the next occurrence in 1923.
May 28The league-leading Pirates protest their 4-3‚ 10-inning loss to the Reds. When hot-tempered Reds P Dolf Luque throws the ball into the Cincinnati dugout‚ Clyde Barnhart tries to take 3B and is thrown out. The Pirates claim the ball was dead when it went into the dugout. NL president Heydler will sustain the protest and order the game continued with the score 3-3 in the last of the 8th. The Pirates win the replay 4-3 on June 30th.

In the first of 2 against the A’s to start a homestand‚ Carl Mays holds the Mackmen to one run and the Yankees win‚ 5-1. Mays has now won 13 straight against the Quakers. New York takes the nitecap‚ 5-2‚ behind Shawkey.

In Tokyo‚ the University of California nine beats a team from Keio University‚ 11-2.
May 29At Redland Field‚ Pittsburgh’s Clyde Barnhart hits a 9th inning line drive down the RF line that gets lost in tarp in front of the grandstand. By the time RF Pat Duncan finds the ball‚ Barnhart scores his first ML homer inside-the-park to tie the match at 2-2. Eppa Rixey gives up the homer but holds on for a 4-3‚ 13-inning victory. It is the only homer Rixey will allow in 301 innings pitched‚ and just one of 2 homers Reds pitchers will allow at home this season. Except for this‚ Rixey would have set the record for post-dead ball pitchers‚ a record that Allen Sothoron will post this year in fewer innings.

The AL-leading Indians complete a sweep of the 4 games with the Browns by winning‚ 11-9‚ behind George Uhle. Cleveland totals 15 hits in 8 innings against Urban Shocker. In all 4 wins the Tribe scorre in double figures. Graney and Williams each have 2 homers‚ and Elmer Smith clubs one.
May 30The Giants take a pair from the Phillies‚ 5-1 and 13-7. Before the start of the afternoon game‚ a memorial to Captain Eddie Grant‚ killed in action in the Argonne Forest October 20‚ 1918‚ is unveiled at the Polo Grounds. One of the speakers is Grantland Rice who reads a poem he has written for the occasion:
Far from the Game and the cheering of old‚
A cross in the Argonne will tell you the story
Where each one may read on its rain-battered mold
A final box score that is written in glory.
A final box score of a Player who gave
The flag that he fought for‚ his ghost-and his grave.
Green be his couch where the white lilies lean
Crimson the poppies that keep guard above him.
Gentle the darkness that gathers between
The Player at rest and the torn hearts that love him.
God give him refuge where Life’s flag is furled
A dreamer gone back to the dust of the world.
Low be the lost winds of France that must creep
Over his rest in the Last Tavern lying.
Good send Thy dreams where the Darkness is deep‚
Father‚ Thy care when the wild storms are flying.
No monarch there-but the soul of a Man-
We speak for a Brother-for One of the Clan!

The Red Sox drop a pair to the A’s‚ 8-1 to Perry and 2-1 to Rommel. Red Sox 1B Stuffy McInnis makes an error‚ the only one he will make all year‚ as he will field .999. Tomorrow he begins an errorless streak of 163 games and 1‚625 chances.

At Chicago the White Sox and Browns combine for 58 hits in a doubleheader‚ with St. Louis taking the opener‚ 14-5 in the morning and the Sox copping the afternoon game‚ 8-5. George Sisler scores 5 runs in game 1‚ then bangs out a single‚ two doubles and a homer in game 2.

At Boston‚ the Braves win 9-3 in the morning and then take 16 innings to win game 2‚ 6-5. Leon Cadore takes over the pitching chores in the 2nd inning of the afternoon game and is the loser. Brooklyn scores in the 14th on Wally Hood’s only ML homer‚ and score again in the 16th. Each time it is Ray Powell who answers‚ singling in the 14th to drive in a run and tripling in the 16th to tie again‚ before scoring. Powell will lead the NL in triples (18) this year.

At Detroit‚ the Tigers lose the opener‚ 6-5 to Cleveland‚ then take game 2 by a 9-5 score as Cobb has 4 hits‚ including 2 doubles and a homerun.
May 31The Senators bang out 8 straight hits‚ including 2 triples‚ off Waite Hoyt in a 7-run 2nd inning‚ and beat New York 11-5.


June 1Heinie Groh finally signs with the Reds for $10‚000‚ less than the rumored $12‚000 he was holding out for. Groh wants to go to the Giants and has vowed never to wear the Reds uniform again. Commissioner Landis vetoes the deal and will reinstate him only if Groh stays with the Reds all season. The decision costs Groh a WS share‚ but he’ll move to New York in December.

The Giants take a pair from Philadelphia‚ winning 9-2 and 8-3. In the second game Dave Bancroft is 4-for-4‚ hitting for the cycle. After legging out an inside-the-park homer‚ he faints on the bench.
June 2Reds OF Pat Duncan is the first to hit a fair ball out of Redland Field since it was built in 1912‚ the ball hitting the leg of a surprised policeman on York Street. Duncan will hit just one more homer all year. The homer‚ off Cards P Marv Goodman‚ propels the Reds to an 8-5 win.

The Athletics waive pitcher Dave Keefe to Cleveland‚ where he’ll have no decisions in 18 appearances. Keef is the inventor of the forkball‚ a result of a childhood accident‚ which left his fingers crooked.
June 3The A’s bang 7 homers en route to a 15-7 win over the Tigers. Jimmy Dykes and Frank Welch each belt 2‚ while Cy Perkins‚ Tilly Walker‚ and Joe Dugan have one apiece. For Detroit‚ Lu Blue hits his first major league homer‚ off Slim Harriss.

At Fenway Park‚ the Indians score single runs in the 8th and 9th off reliever Herb Pennock to tie the Sox at 6-6. But pinch-hitter Sammy Vick’s single scores Stuffy McInnis with the winning run in the bottom of the inning.

Playing under the name Lou Lewis‚ Lou Gehrig makes his professional debut at first base for the Hartford Senators. The 17-year-old Lou is 0-for-3 as Hartford loses to the Pittsfield Hillies‚ 2-1. He’ll get his first hit-a triple-in tomorrow’s 5-3 win over the Waterbury Brasscos‚ and then play just 10 more games.

Babe Ruth has a single‚ double‚ and homer in a 9-8 loss to the Browns. This is his 119th homer‚ tying Gavvy Cravath for the all-time record.
June 4The Pirates’ Wilbur Cooper‚ who with Burleigh Grimes will lead the NL with 22 wins‚ loses his first after 8 straight victories. The Giants drub him 12-0. The Giants are on top‚ but only for a few days; the Pirates will regain the lead.
June 6The Detroit Stars‘ Bill Gatewood pitches the first no-hitter in Negro League history‚ defeating the Cuban Stars 4-0.
June 7The only game canceled because of a murder occurs at Kingsport‚ TN (Appalachian League)‚ when the body of a slain girl is found at the ballpark. To prevent the trail from becoming confused for bloodhounds‚ police close the park and cancel the game against Knoxville.
June 8Babe Ruth is arrested for speeding in New York‚ fined $100‚ and held in jail until 4:00 P.M. Game time is 3:15‚ so a uniform is taken to him. He changes in jail and follows a police escort to the ballpark where he enters with New York trailing 3-2. They rally for a 4-3 win.
June 10Ruth connects for the 120th homer of his career‚ the blast coming in the 3rd inning against Cleveland’s Jim Bagby. The round tripper breaks the career mark of home run leader Gavvy Cravath‚ who totaled 119 in his 11-year career. Despite the homer‚ New York loses‚ 8-6.
June 13At the Polo Grounds‚ Ruth hits two homers and pitches the first five innings for New York‚ and the Yanks hang on for a 13-8 victory over Detroit. The Babe gives up 4 runs but strikes out Ty Cobb and is credited with the victory. Ruth’s 2nd homer goes 460 feet into the right CF bleachers at the Polo Grounds‚ the first HR ever hit to that spot. The Bambino retires The Peach twice today‚ and Cobb’s bottom-line batting average versus Ruth finishes is .354 (23 for 65).

In Cleveland‚ 6 Indian batters reach first‚ 5 on hits‚ against reliever Walter Johnson‚ and roll to a 10-6 win over Washington.

Umpires in both leagues begin the practice of rubbing dirt into the balls before each game‚ using a special clay supplied by A’s coach Lena Blackburne from his New Jersey farm.
June 14NL P Ray Fisher is placed permanently on the ineligible list by Commissioner Landis for alleged contract jumping. Thinking he was being placed on the voluntary retired list by Reds owner Garry Hermann‚ Fisher had left the Reds in order to become a baseball coach at the University of Michigan. He will serve in Ann Arbor for 38 years‚ not returning to coach in the majors until the early 1960s‚ with the Braves and Tigers.

Ruth hits 2 more HRs‚ his 6th and 7th in 5 games‚ including his 2nd in 2 days into the CF bleachers at the Polo Grounds‚ in a 9-6 win over the Tigers. Hooks Dauss does the teeing up today.
June 23The A’s and Tigers combine for a ML record 8 homers‚ with the A’s emerging with the 15-9 win. The record has since been topped a number of times.
June 25In Washington‚ Babe Ruth hits a 2-run HR in the 5th off Walter Johnson‚ but Washington beats the Yankees‚ 6-4. Bob Shawkey is the loser.
June 30Detroit drives Jim Bagby from the mound and beats Cleveland‚ 6-3. But Ty Cobb spikes himself in the left knee sliding into 2B and will be sidelined for two weeks.


July 1Casey Stengel is traded from the last-place Phils to the 2nd-place Giants‚ along with IF Johnny Rawlings and P Red Causey for IF Goldie Rapp and outfielders Lance Richbourg and Lee King.

At Cincinnati‚ Pittsburgh’s Johnny Morrison stops the Reds‚ 5-2. Eppa Rixey is the starter and loser for the Reds. Pete Donohue‚ fresh from TCU‚ skips the minors and makes his ML debut for the Reds in relief. He’ll go 7-6 this year.
July 3In the Browns 5-1 loss to the White Sox, Jim Riley makes his ML debut, replacing Jimmy Austin late in the game. The Canadian Riley will go hitless in four games with the Browns and a couple with the Senators, but will finish second next year in scoring in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. Riley will make his NHL debut with the Chicago Black Hawks on January 19, 1927; he is the only athlete to play in both the major leagues and the NHL (as noted by Jeff Obermeyer).

In the Browns 5-1 loss to the White Sox, Jim Riley makes his ML debut, replacing Jimmy Austin late in the game. The Canadian Riley will go hitless in four games with the Browns and a couple with the Senators, but will finish second next year in scoring in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. Riley will make his NHL debut with the Chicago Black Hawks on January 19, 1927; he is the only athlete to play in both the major leagues and the NHL (as noted by Jeff Obermeyer).
July 4In the 2nd of 2 at New York‚ the Yankees Carl Mays submarines the A’s‚ 14-4 for his 14th straight win over Philadelphia. Bob Shawkey wins the opener‚ 6-4 as Home Run Baker clubs 2 with Ruth on each time. Baker will total 16 home runs for 1921-22‚ all coming at the Polo Grounds.

Washington sweeps a pair from the Red Sox‚ 4-1 and 7-2. In the nitecap they score 5 runs in the 9th when Joe Bush runs out of bullets.
July 5The Red Sox drop their AL record 4th straight doubleheader since June 29th. The Yankees beat the Bosox on the 29th and July 2; It Washington’s turn again today‚ winning 7-5 and 4-2. Walter Johnson wins the nitecap against Myers.
July 7The Cards top the Phillies‚ 15-2‚ as George Smith goes all the way for the Quakers allowing 23 hits. The Cards help out by running the bases sloppily.
July 8In Detroit‚ RF Harry Heilmann hits a HR off Boston’s Joe Bush that the New York Tribune reports measures 610 feet. The story says the groundskeeper measured the distance. Heilmann‚ hitting .413 on July 2‚ is in the middle of a 34-for-58 hitting splurge. But Detroit manages just 3 other hits off Bush in losing‚ 4-1.

In Chicago‚ White Sox pitcher Dickie Kerr beats the Yankees 4-1 and steals home in the 7th inning on the front end of a double steal. Ruth has a pair of hits.

An order is issued that allows fans to keep balls hit into the stands in Pittsburgh. Robert Alderdice‚ Director of Public safety makes the ruling following threatened damage suits against three policemen who placed three fans under arrest for refusing to throw balls back on the diamond.
July 10The Indians tally 10 runs to give Duster Mails an easy 10-0 win in the opener against the A’s. Mails allows 12 hits in the shutout‚ 2 off the record. Cleveland scores just one run for Guy Morton‚ but he makes it stand up in a 1-0 nitecap win.
July 11At Chicago‚ Dickie Kerr gives up a pair of 2-run homers to Meusel and Ruth in losing to the Yankees’ Collins‚ 4-0. For Ruth it is his 32nd homer of the season and he has now homered in every AL park this year. Later at Comiskey Park‚ robbers blow off the door of the safe and make off with $3‚000‚ mostly receipts from the game. Tomorrow‚ the New York Times says‚ “Owner Charles Comiskey denied reports that the safe contained papers pertaining to the former White Sox players now on trial.”
July 12In St. Louis‚ Babe Ruth hits 2 homers including his 137th career HR‚ passing 19th-century star Roger Connor‘s record 136. He adds a double as the Yanks win‚ 6-4.
July 13Jim Thorpe hits 3 home runs for Toledo (AA) as the Mud Hens defeat Milwaukee‚ 17-4.
July 15In a day off in the NL‚ Pittsburgh’s director of public safety‚ Robert J. Allardice‚ ruled in the face of another threatened lawsuit that his policmen would no longer try to recover balls hit into the stands. Employees of the Pittsburgh ball club‚ however‚ were still free to attempt to recover what they deemed pirated property.
July 16At age 63‚ Arthur Irwin‚ pioneer player‚ manager‚ and executive who began in the NL in 1880‚ jumps to his death from a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.
July 18The Black Sox trial begins in Chicago.
July 21Chicago’s Red Faber wins his 20th game‚ but it is not easy. He goes 14 innings before edging the A’s 2-1‚ on Bibb Falk‘s leadoff HR in the 14th off starter Naylor. Red is helped along the way by a Sheely-Johnston triple play. There will be five 20-game winners in the AL‚ 4 in the NL.

The Indians bang out 9 doubles‚ and the Yankees 7 for an AL record 16 in Cleveland’s 17-8 win. The Indians‚ who cling to a 2-game lead‚ are led by Joe Sewell’s 5 hits.
July 22Despite it being an exhibition game‚ the Yankees show no mercy‚ deflating the Akron Firestones‚ 23-3.
July 24Walter Johnson gives up 6 runs to Detroit but Washington scores 14 to makes his win an easy one. Harry Heilmann is 4-for-4 with 3 doubles for the losers.

The Phils lose to the Giants 4-3 in New York as George Kelly drives in all 4 Giant runs. Goldie Rapp is 2-for-4‚ his 17th straight game in which he’s garnered a hit. Off the field‚ the Phils do some housecleaning. They fire manager Wild Bill Donovan (25-62 this year) and replace him with Kaiser Wilhelm. Phils owner William Baker accuses Donovan of “knowing a little too much” about the Black Sox scandal after Donovan testified at the trial. Landis will order Baker to apologize and will send a letter to Donovan exonerating him of any responsibility in the scandal. Also moving is OF Irish Meusel‚ who is traded to the Giants for C Butch Henline‚ OF Curt Walker‚ P Jesse Winters and cash. Batting cleanup‚ Meusel will drive in more than 100 runs a year in 1922-25 while Walker will lead the Phils in 6 offensive categories in 1922. This year‚ Irish will become the first player to collect 200 hits in a season in which he was traded: only 5 other players this century will accomplish this feat.
July 25Max Carey flags down 11 flies in CF in the Pirates’ 6-3 win over New York‚ tying 3 others for the NL record.
July 27In an exhibition game in Cincinnati‚ Babe Ruth is 3-for-5 with 6 RBIs. One of his hits is a homer to dead center‚ the first ball ever to clear the CF fence at Crosley Field. In his next at bat‚ Ruth hits an even longer smash that reaches the bleachers in dead CF. The next to clear the CF wall will be Ethan Allen in 1929. Ruth strikes out on 3 change-ups against rookie P Pete Donohue‚ who is so excited he goes to the wrong bench. For Donohue‚ he will later say this was one of his most memorable moments.

Before the start of Washington’s game with the White Sox‚ a 5-4 victory‚ Senators manager George McBride is knocked unconscious by a thrown ball and when he is revived his lower jaw is temporarily paralyzed. McBride will be sent home to recover from the concussion and‚ suffering vertigo‚ will not return full time. Team captain Clyde Milan will take over most of the managing duties assisted by Walter Johnson‚ and next year he takes the managing job.
July 29As part of Cleveland’s 125th anniversary celebration‚ Cy Young‚ 54‚ makes a 2-inning appearance on the mound in an old-timers’ game. Chief Zimmer‚ 60‚ is his catcher.

John McGraw buys OF Irish Meusel‚ who is hitting .353 but has been suspended by the Phillies for lackadaisical play. McGraw gives up 3 bench warmers and $30‚000. The Giants take 3 from the Reds and go into the NL lead for the first time. They will fall back by 7 games before coming on with a rush in September.
July 31After going 5-for-9 in a doubleheader yesterday‚ Phils’ rookie Goldie Rapp goes hitless against Chicago’s Charles Ponder to snap his hitting streak at 23 games‚ a since-topped rookie record. Philadelphia wins‚ 10-2‚ behind Jesse Winters.


August 1At Boston‚ Red Sox pitcher Joe Bush fires a one-hitter‚ beating the Browns‚ 2-0. George Sisler‘s single is the lone Brownie hit.

Paced by two hits and stellar fielding by acting manager Clyde Milan‚ the Senators beat the Tigers‚ 1-0. With manager George McBride out with a concussion‚ the Senators are in the midst of an 11-game winning streak.
August 2A Chicago jury brings in a verdict of not guilty against the Black Sox. That night‚ jurors and defendants celebrate with a party in an Italian restaurant. Ignoring the verdict‚ Judge Landis bans all 8 defendants from baseball for life.
August 4At Chicago‚ Braves Billy Southworth leads Boston to a 13-5 scalping of the Cubs by belting 3 doubles and HR. John Watson coasts to the win over Percy Jones.
August 5The first radio broadcast of a ML game is heard over KDKA in Pittsburgh when Harold Arlin announces the Pirates-Phils game. The Pirates score 3 runs in the 8th inning‚ beating the Phils 8-5. Arlin broadcast the first football game between Pittsburgh and West Virginia. His grandson Steve will pitch for the future San Diego Padres.
August 7The Cubs replace manager Johnny Evers with Bill Killefer. With Pete Alexander‚ the former batterymate of “Reindeer Bill” on the mound‚ the Cubs lose to the Giants‚ 7-2‚ at Cubs Park. New York third sacker Frankie Frisch is knocked out by a deflected ground ball.
August 8In his first at bat‚ St. Louis Browns rookie Luke Stuart hits a home run‚ the first AL rookie to accomplish the feat. His 9th inning blast‚ good for 2 runs‚ comes off no less than Washington’s Walter Johnson. Johnson‚ leading 16-3 after his teammates score 7 runs in the 8th‚ cruises home with a 16-5 win. Stuart‚ who appeared in one game on July 28 but did not bat‚ will play one more game and then leave the majors with this HR as his only hit. The next AL rookie to connect for a homer on his first at bat will be Earl Averill in 1929.
August 9The Browns go 19 innings with the Senators before topping Washington 8-6. It is the longest game in the majors this year. Browns’ star George Sisler is 6-for-9 in the game‚ while Brownie Dixie Davis pitches the distance allowing 13 hits. Nats star Joe Judge bangs an AL record-tying three triples in the game‚ all in the first 9 innings. Davis allows no hits over the last 9 innings.
August 11The Yankees move one percentage point ahead of the Indians with a 7-3 win over the A’s. The 2 teams will run even through September.
August 12The Phillies George Smith allows 12 hits but still manages to shut out the Braves‚ 4-0.
August 13Boston Braves P John “Mule” Watson hurls 2 complete-game victories over the Phillies‚ winning by scores of 4-3 and 8-0. It is the 3rd doubleheader he has pitched‚ the first 2 being with the A’s in 1918.

George Sisler continues his hot hitting‚ collecting 2 doubles and hitting for the cycle in a 10-inning 7-5 win at Detroit. Sisler is 5-for-5.

In Philadelphia‚ 33‚000 fans-the largest crowd to watch a game in Philadelphia since 1914-see Carl Mays win his 15th straight over the Mackmen as the Yankees prevail‚ 7-2‚ in game 1. Bob Shawkey coasts home to a 13-7 win in the nitecap. Meusel homers in each game.
August 14The Browns open their home stand with a 7-5 win over Detroit. George Sisler continues his hot hitting‚ going 4-for-4.
August 15A ML record streak of 10 straight hits by the Browns’ George Sisler is stopped by Detroit in the 4th inning‚ but he goes 2-for-3 with a 2-run homer in the 6th. The Browns win‚ 3-2.
August 16The Braves Walter Cruise connects off the Cubs Grover Alexander for the 2nd home run hit out of mammoth Braves Field. The first home run‚ also to RF‚ was hit by Cruise in 1917. There will be 38 HRs in Braves Field this year: 34 inside-the-park‚ 3 bounce homers‚ and Cruise’s missile. Braves pitcher Dana Fillingim is the beneficiary of the offense as he beats Alexander‚ 8-6.
August 17In Cleveland‚ on the anniversary of the death of Ray Chapman‚ YWCA members hand out rosebuds to the 6‚000 fans as they enter the park. The 2nd place Indians give up 4 runs to the A’s in the 1st‚ then Cleveland’s Jamieson hits a sharp liner that caroms off the forehead of A’s 2B Johnny Walker‚ knocking him out and sending him to the hospital. When play is resumed after 10 minutes‚ the Indians score 5 runs and go on to win 15-8. Cleveland also sets a record by racking up 10 assists in the first inning. Rain washes out the 2nd game of the doubleheader.
August 19In game 2 at Boston‚ Ty Cobb gets hit No. 3‚000‚ off Boston P Elmer Myers. At 34‚ he’s the youngest ever to do so. Ty has 3 of the 19 hits that Myers allows. Cole gives up 4 to win 10-0. Boston takes the opener‚ 13-8‚ as Cobb collects 3 hits.
August 20The Tigers waive veteran Donie Bush to the Senators.
August 21At St. Louis‚ the largest crowd of the season cheer as the Browns sweep a pair from the Yankees‚ winning 5-4 and 10-0. Bayne strikes out 7 of the 1st 9 Yanks in game 2 on his way to a 10 K run.
August 24The Pirates‚ in front by 7 1/2 games‚ drop a doubleheader to the Giants in New York before 35‚000. Art Nehf wins the opener 10-2 handing Babe Adams his first loss in 10 games. Phil Douglas takes the nightcap‚ 7-0.
August 25With Cleveland waltzing to a 15-1 win over the Yankees‚ NY hurler Harry Harper‚ pitching in the 8th‚ plunks OF Charles Jamieson in the ribs‚ Larry Gardner in the arm‚ and Steve O’Neill in the back. O’Neill throws the ball back at Harper precipitates a bench clearing brawl. New York OF Bob Meusel contributes 4 errors in the game. The Tribe takes over 1st place from the Yankees.

In a 4-2 win at Boston‚ the Cards Austin McHenry hits a ball off the LF fence‚ the first ball to reach the wall. No one has topped it in left yet. On Aug 16th‚Walt Cruise hit one into the RF jury box‚ just the 2nd ball to go over the fence since 1915. Ray Walker is the winning pitcher today.
August 27The Bucs reel out of New York after dropping their fifth straight loss to the Giants as Art Nehf‚ pitching with 2 days rest‚ wins 3-1. The Giants are just 2 1/2 games in back.
August 28Despite 3 doubles by Ruth‚ the Tigers drop the Yankees‚ 7-3. Ruth starts a record streak in which he gets at least one extra-base hit in 9 straight games. Into the record books go his 119 extra-base hits‚ 177 runs‚ and 457 total bases. His .846 slugging average is one point behind that of a year ago.

At Chicago‚ Boston’s Sam Jones wins his 20th game‚ beating the White Sox‚ 6-5‚ in 11 innings.

Jimmy Dykes handles an AL record 17 chances at 2B for the A’s‚ as they beat St. Louis 12-4.
August 30The Cubs and Braves each pull a triple play‚ but they do not help. The Cubs lose to the Giants 5-3‚ and Boston falls to the Reds 6-4.

At Brooklyn‚ the Pirates win‚ 8-2 behind Whitey Glazner‘s pitching. Whitey gets help from Dave Robertson‚ who hits for the cycle.
August 31In the Reds’ 7-3 win over the Braves‚ the two infields accept 28 chances‚ tying the ML record.


September 1Maurice Archdeacon of Rochester (IL) establishes a new record for circling the bases by completing the circuit in 13 2/5 seconds.
September 2In Cincinnati‚ the Cubs Pete Alexander outpitches his former teammate Eppa Rixey to win‚ 7-0. Chicago is mired in 7th place.
September 3Powered by Babe Ruth‘s 50th homer and the pitching of Carl Mays‚ the Yankees down the host Senators‚ 9-3.
September 5In the Labor Day afternoon game at Boston‚ won by the Red Sox 8-2‚ the Yankees outfield makes a AL-record 5 assists‚ 4 by Bob Meusel. Meusel‚ with one of the strongest arms in baseball‚ will lead the AL in assists in 1921 and 1922.

Walter Johnson breaks Cy Young‘s career strikeout mark by fanning 7 A’s to run his total to 2‚287. But he loses to the A’s Bob Hasty‚ 4-3. Washington takes game 2‚ 7-1‚ behind George Mogridge.

Browns pitcher Urban Shocker takes his first loss after winning 9 in a row. Elmer Smith’s 2 HRs pace a 10-5 Indians win in a morning game to back Guy Morton’s pitching. In the afternoon game‚ a 12-8 St. Louis win‚ Smith starts off with another one. Having hit one in Detroit the day before‚ Smith has 7 straight extra base hits in 3 games-a ML record-for 22 total bases (3 doubles‚ 4 HRs + 2 walks). Earl Sheehy‚ in 1926‚ will 7 long hits in just 2 games-a ML record-but he will sandwich those around a sac fly.

At Los Angeles; the Angels (PCL) win a pair from Portland‚ 8-4‚ 9-3. The teams complete a 13 game series in seven days‚ with the Angels taking the last 7 games in a row to win the series 10-3. The Angels outscore the Beavers in the series 72-36. The series started the day after the purchase of the Angels by William Wrigley‚ Jr.
September 6The Cards Bill Bailey makes his last ML start a good one‚ besting the Cubs Pete Alexander‚ 1-0.
September 9An AL record for total runs and hits is made when Chicago beats Detroit 20-15. Each team has 20 hits. Earl Sheely has 5 runs for Chicago.
September 10Catcher Wally Schang has 5 of the Yankees’ 21 hits as the New Yorkers wallop the A’s 19-3. A ML record-tying five Yankees collect two hits in the 9th inning: Schang‚ Mays‚ Miller‚ Peckinpaugh‚ and Ruth. Ruth’s 2nd hit‚ a single‚ hits Peck for the 3rd out. Winning P Carl Mays gives up 13 hits to Philadelphia in winning his 16th straight over them.

The Indians split a pair with St. Louis‚ losing 2-0 in game 1 and winning 10-2 in game 2. Bill Wambganss has half the total with 5 runs scored.
September 11The Giants whip Brooklyn 11-3 behind Fred Toney in relief of Phil Douglas. The win moves the Giants into 1st place ahead of Pittsburgh.
September 13Walter Johnson wins the AL MVP with 55 out of a possible 64 votes.
September 14Washington’s Walter Johnson gives up 4 hits but still faces just 27 batters in edging the Browns 1-0. Following 2 singles in the 4th‚ George Sisler‘s line drive to Donie Bush is turned into a triple play. For Bush‚ it is the 9th time he has taking part in a TP as a fielder‚ a ML record. He hit into one once‚ tying him with Sisler for the all-time mark of 10 triple plays (Sisler: fielded 7‚ hit 3). Jack Tobin singles in the 7th‚ but Johnson picks him off. Tobin will set the AL record this year with 179 singles‚ a mark that Sam Rice will top in 1925. The Senators only run today comes when Dixie Davis hits Picinich with a bases-loaded pitch‚ forcing in a run.

Boston defeats the Tigers‚ 1-0‚ on Herb Pennock‘s 2-hitter.

The Cubs trim the Phillies‚ 10-0‚ behind Grover Cleveland Alexander.
September 15Four A’s pitchers help the Indians win game 1‚ 17-3‚ by contributing 16 walks. Among them is the starting pitcher Arliss Taylor‚ appearing in his only ML game. He fans one batter-Joe Sewell‚ the hardest batter to strike out in ML history. Charley Jamieson scores 5 runs. Cleveland wins game 2‚ 6-0.

Babe Ruth hits HR No. 55 in New York’s 10-6 win over the Browns. The Yanks take game 2‚ 13-5.
September 17The Giants win their 10th in a row over the Pirates‚ and their 10th straight‚ 6-1. They will go on to finish 4 in front of the Pirates.

Spitballer Allen Sothoron runs his record to 12-4 as Cleveland beats Washington‚ 8-4. Sothoron‚ with his 3rd AL team this year‚ pitches 178 innings allowing no homers‚ the only post-dead ball pitcher to accomplish that. The Reds Eppa Rixey almost matches him‚ allowing one homer in 301 innings.
September 23Trailing by 2 points‚ the Indians come to New York for a 4-game showdown. Waite Hoyt‘s arm and Ruth’s 3 doubles beat them 4-2.
September 24Brown’s pitcher Dixie Davis pitches both ends of the doubleheader against the Red Sox‚ scattering 9 hits and losing the opener 2-1‚ then coasting to an 11-0 win in the nitecap.

Harry Heilmann is 3-for-4 against Walter Johnson‚ but Washington wins the game over Detroit‚ 5-1. Ty Cobb is so incense by the umpiring of Billy Evans that he challenges him to a fight. The two future Hall of Famers go at it with Cobb getting the best of Evans. George Hildebrand‚ the 2nd ump assigned to the game‚ reports the incident to AL prexy Ban Johnson. When Johnson fails to act‚ Commissioner Landis steps in and suspends Cobb‚ but allows him to continue as a non-playing manager.

At the Polo Grounds‚ George Uhle shuts out the Yankees for a 9-0 win to put the Indians back in a virtual tie with New York for 1st place. OF Smoky Joe Wood has a triple and in 66 games‚ he will have 60 RBI in 194 at bats‚ the most ever by a player with less than 200 AB. He won’t play tomorrow.
September 25At the Polo Grounds‚ 38‚000 watch the Yankees thrash the 2nd place Indians 21-7 to move a full game ahead of the Tribe. The Yanks knock out Caldwell in the 2nd and dust Mails for 10 runs in his 2 innings. In the 4th the Yankees bat around without an out being record. The 10th batter Peck singles for his 2nd hit of the inning‚ as manager Speaker watches from CF. Bob Meusel as a triple with 2 on and a homer with 2 on to pace the 20-hit offense. Carl Mays has 3 hits and goes the distance for the win.

The Baltimore Orioles finish the International League season with a pair of wins‚ 8-5 and 8-7 over the visting Jersey City Skeeters. The Orioles total 119 wins‚ an Organized Ball record.
September 26Ruth hits Nos. 57 and 58 plus a double and a walk to beat the Indians 8-7‚ and the Yankees take a 2 game lead. George Burns adds a triple and 3 singles for New York in the come-from-behind win. The Indians load the bases in the 9th inning but Steve Neill strikes out on a Carl Mays fastball in the dirt to end it.
September 27The Browns Urban Shocker stops the Yanks‚ 2-0‚ racking up his 5th win in 9 decisions against NY this year. It is his 27th win of the year.

In the first of 2 at Boston‚ Braves C Ray Powell hits 3 triples‚ tying the ML mark‚ in an 8-5 win over Brooklyn. Dana Fillingim is the winner over Burleigh Grimes.
September 29The Bucs drop a doubleheader to the Cardinals allowing the idle Giants to clinch the NL pennant‚ their 7th under manager McGraw.

With New York in 1st place by 1 1/2 games over Cleveland‚ and facing the Indians in the 4th game of the series‚ Miller Huggins polls his players to find out who they’d like to see start. The team elects to go with veteran Jack Quinn‚ but the spitballer comes up dry giving up 3 runs in the 1st inning before Waite Hoyt relieves. Ruth hits a 1st inning HR‚ adds an RBI double in the 3rd and a 2-run HR in the 5th to give the Yankees the lead. Carl Mays‚ who took over in the 5th‚ strikes out Steve O’Neill with 2 on in the 9th to end it 5-4. The win increases New York’s lead to 2 1/2 games. The four-game series at the Polo Grounds draws a record 147‚000 people.
September 30It is Rogers Hornsby Day at Sportsman’s Park‚ and the Cardinal star celebrates by pounding out a HR and two doubles against Pittsburgh to lead the third-place Cardinals to a 12-4 win. Hornsby will go hitless in the last two games‚ dropping his final average to .397 for the year ((.405 on the road) still the best in the N.L. Teammates Austin McHenry and Jack Fournier will be 2nd and 3rd in hitting in the NL.

Prior to the Braves-Giants game‚ the Giants Old Timers take on the Giants regulars in a 5-inning contest. Twenty thousand fans cheer as former stars‚ Christy Mathewson‚ Roger Bresnahan‚ George Wiltse‚ Art Devlin‚ Larry Doyle and Fred Tenney whip the current Giants‚ 2-0. The regular game is called because of rain after one inning‚ but only 4‚000 fans ask for a refund.

In Cleveland’s 3-2 win over the White Sox‚ Chicago catcher Ray Schalk throws out 3 runners at 1B in the 8th inning for a ML record. He is the 2nd AL catcher to register 3 assists in a frame. The pickoff victims are Charlie Jamieson‚ Joe Wood‚ and Elmer Smith. Stan Coveleski is the winner for the Tribe.


October 1After clinching the pennant with a 5-3 win over Philadelphia in the opener behind Carl Mays‘ 17th straight win over Philadelphia‚ the Yankees bring Babe Ruth into pitch in relief in the night cap. Ruth‚ with just one other pitching appearance all season‚ takes over in the 8th with New York in the lead 6-0. Ruth quickly allows the A’s 6 runs to tie the score‚ but then knuckles down to hold them scoreless to the 11th when New York scores a run to win‚ 7-6. Ruth drives in his 167th run in the game‚ besting Sam Thompson‘s mark set in 1884. For Mays‚ it is his 7th straight win over Philley this season.

At Detroit‚ the Browns beat the Tigers‚ 11-6 in 11 innings. Detroit is without Cobb who was suspended the last two games of the season for an argument with ump Evans a week ago in Washington (though Detroit has not played since the 26th). Detroit’s Harry Heilmann is 0-for-5 and down to .396. He’ll go 1-for-4 tomorrow‚ but will lead the AL in hitting with a .394 average.
October 2The Yankees close the season by beating the Red Sox 7-6. Ruth hits No. 59‚ off Curt Fullerton; for the team it is No. 134. Stuffy McInnis completes his 119th consecutive errorless game at 1B (1300 chances)‚ and Boston SS Everett Scott plays his 832nd consecutive game‚ a team record that will not be approached this century. The previous Red Sox mark was held by Buc k Freeman (535) and Frank Malzone will accumulate the next highest with 475 games.

At Philadelphia‚ Walter Johnson coasts to an 11-6 win over the A’s and Roy Moore. Johnson gives up a 6th inning solo homer to Jimmy Dykes‚ his 17th homer of the year.
October 5In the first one-city WS since 1906‚ the Polo Grounds will be the site for all 9 games. Carl Mays (27-9) is at his best‚ needing 86 pitches to set the Giants down with 5 hits-4 of them by Frank Frisch. Ruth drives in the first run of the Series in the opening inning of this 3-0 Yankee win. Mike McNally‚ subbing for Frank Baker at 3B‚ steals home in the 5th while Phil Douglas (15-10) is winding up. The game is broadcast on KDKA radio‚ with Grantland Rice announcing. It is the only game of the season’s WS to be aired.
October 6In the opener‚ Johnny Rawlings and Frank Frisch collected the only Giants hits. In game 2 it’s the same story. Waite Hoyt (19-13) surrenders 2 singles in another 3-0 Yankee win. Art Nehf (20-10) deserves better‚ allowing just 3 hits; but 3 errors and 2 mental lapses by the Giants‚ plus a steal of home by Bob Meusel‚ put the Giants down 2-0. The 5 hits are the fewest ever in a WS game.
October 7The Giants bats wake up against Bob Shawkey (18-12) and 3 other pitchers. A 20-hit barrage and 8-run 8th sink the Yanks 13-5. Jesse Barnes (15-9) gets the win. Ross Youngs set a WS record with a pair of long hits-2B and 3B-and 5 total bases in the 8th.

Commissioner Landis orders the Pirates to pay a full share from the WS pool to Tony Brottem and to Chief Yellowhorse. Yellowhorse started well but was injured much of the latter season‚ while Brottem joined the team in July. The Bucs had voted Brottem $200 and Yellowhorse a 2/3rd share.
October 9After a rainout‚ a Sunday crowd of 36‚371 watches Carl Mays and Phil Douglas square off for game 4. Mays works 5 hitless innings‚ while a run-scoring triple by Wally Schang gives the Yanks a 1-0 lead. Mays then apparently tires and the Giants club 7 hits in the last 2 innings for 4 runs. Ruth’s first WS homer comes in the 9th‚ but the Giants win 4-2.
October 10In game 5 an unearned run in the first is all the Giants can manage off Waite Hoyt‚ despite 10 hits and a walk. A 1-1 game is decided in the 4th when Ruth surprises the Giants IF with a perfect bunt‚ then makes it home on Meusel’s double off Art Nehf. Bob Meusel scores on a sacrifice ?y‚ and 3-1 is the result. The 35‚758 spectators bring the players’ pool to a record $302‚522.23.
October 11Miller Huggins gambles in Game 6 with lefty Harry Harper (4-3)‚ and the Yankees drive Fred Toney (18-11) to cover with 3 in the first. But the Giants come back with 3 in the 2nd‚ and continue the attack against Bob Shawkey while Jess Barnes slams the door‚ striking out 10‚ including 7 in a row sandwiched around 4 walks. Emil “Irish” Meusel and Frank Snyder homer for the Giants in an 8-5 win. It is Barnes’ 2nd WS win in relief.
October 12Carl Mays and Phil Douglas meet again‚ and again Mays has perfect control (he gives up no walks in 26 innings). He yields 6 hits‚ but a 7th-inning error by Aaron Ward at 2B‚ followed by Snyder’s double‚ break a 1-1 tie and give Douglas his 2nd win.
October 13Waite Hoyt and Art Nehf come back for game 8 with 2 days rest. With 2 on and 2 outs in the first‚ Giants 1B George Kelly hits a grounder to short that goes through Roger Peckinpaugh‚ and a run scores. Not another Giant reaches 3B the rest of the day. After Aaron Ward walks in the 9th‚ Frank “Home Run” Baker hits a drive toward right‚ but 2B Johnny Rawlings spears it and throws him out while on the ground. Ward heads for 3B and is gunned down by a throw from Kelly to Frisch to end the Series with a 4-3-5 DP. The Giants win‚ 1-0. Hoyt does not allow an earned run in 3 complete games. The Giants are the first to lose the first 2 games and come back to win the Series.
October 16In defiance of a Landis ban on WS participants playing post-season exhibitions‚ Ruth‚ Bob Meusel‚ and P Bill Piercy launch a barnstorming tour in Buffalo. Five days later‚ they cut it short in Scranton. In the meantime Ruth openly challenges Landis to act. The judge does‚ fining the players their WS shares-$3‚362.26-and suspending them until May 20th of the next season.

Judge Landis outlaws gentleman’s agreements and cover-ups of players optioned to the minors without proper paperwork. He declares 6 players free agents‚ including Heinie Manush‚ who will ride a 17-year .330 BA into the Hall of Fame in 1964.
October 23The Pirates obtain vet SS Rabbit Maranville from Boston. They give up OF Billy Southworth‚ OF Fred Nicholson‚ IF Walter Barbare‚ and $15‚000.


December 6John McGraw finally gets Heinie Groh from the Reds; it costs him C Mike Gonzales‚ OF George Burns‚ and a reported $250‚000. Other figures range as low as $100‚000.
December 20At the ML meetings‚ the AL votes to return to the best-of-7 World Series; the NL votes to keep the best-of-9 format. Judge Landis casts the deciding vote‚ and the best-of-7 format is reinstated.

The Yankees raid Boston again‚ and come away with P Bullet Joe Bush‚ SS Everett Scott‚ and P Sad Sam Jones in exchange for SS Roger Peckinpaugh (who goes on to Washington)‚ pitchers Jack Quinn‚ Rip Collins‚ and Bill Piercy‚ and $50‚000.
December 22Socks Seybold‚ the holder of the AL season HR record before Babe Ruth‚ dies at 51 when his car plunges over an embankment.